St. Paul's Third Party Event Fundraising

Scotiabank Feast of Fortune

Help us raise $900,000 to purchase a new Digital Mammography Machine for Mount Saint Joseph Hospital.

2018 福臨善心人籌款目標 90 萬元 -


This year, Scotiabank Feast of Fortune will touch many of us. Maybe even all of us. That’s because our fundraising focus this year involves breast cancer.

Through personal experience, through family or friends, through colleagues or acquaintances, breast cancer is close to us all. Fortunately, it’s a battle we are winning. Yet, it is a battle we must always keep fighting. We can never stop.

This year, you will help us acquire a state-of-the-art mammography machine that has a new technology called “tomosynthesis,” which creates a 3-D image. This has been hailed as a breakthrough in breast cancer detection as doctors can now see through denser breast tissue, which has long been a challenge for traditional mammography. This means better cancer detection; and also fewer call-backs for additional scans, which greatly lessen patient anxiety.

We also need three “detectors,” which are the components that capture the x-rays and convert them to digital images. (In addition to breast cancer screening, the detectors will also be an asset hospital-wide for imaging patients in departments such as Emergency and Surgery.)

Please support Mount Saint Joseph Hospital with a donation today!



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