St. Paul's Third Party Event Fundraising

Cardiology Patient Education Event

Many of us do not know symptoms of heart disease. By the time we ask for help, our heart health may be in trouble.

We hope that by attending our SPH Heart Centre Education Day on Nov 8 from 11:30-3:00pm you will gain:

• Awareness and education- specialists will speak on various heart conditions and offer lifestyle tips
• Interactive learning- activity booths, blood pressure tests, meditation with our life coach, nurse discussion
• Empowerment to take control of your heart health

We will use all gifts received from this event to help support the expansion of our
General Cardiology services at St. Paul's Hospital.

This will allow us to see more patients, decrease wait times, and provide a more
patient-centric journey of care.

Thank you so much for your attendance and generosity!

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