St. Paul's Third Party Event Fundraising

Tavisha's Helping Hands

I have started my journey in this course of action way back when I was a 6th grader that is 11 years old. I am now 14 years of age and have been contributing to the society on a regular basis. I endeavour to recycle, reuse and reduce the garbage in every possible manner. Since 2017, I have been working on projects where I have donated over $5,000 to various local charities including, Canadian Red Cross, BC Children’s Hospital, BC Cancer Society, Make a Wish Foundation and Surrey Memorial Foundation, and now St. Paul's Foundation.

I have demonstrated 3Rs, Zero Waste, or Circular Economy principles *

  • I recycled the food cans to produce pencil holders.
  • I recycled the rocks to make the paperweights and fridge magnets.
  • I have decorated and painted alcohol bottles to use them as vases and centrepieces.
  • Painted the wine bottles and fit them with bottle lights to create beautiful gift items in the last holiday season.
  • Made self watering Planters out of pop Bottles.
  • I have used pop cans to make lanterns.
  • I am making face masks which can be reused.

I want to help community, save the environment and help organizations who are working day and day out to fight with the current COViD-19 situation.

You can see all details on my website and you can follow me on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.

St. Paul’s has an over one hundred-year history of leading the way in patient care, teaching and research for the people of Vancouver and British Columbia.

We would love your support. Please make a donation today!

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